Thursday, March 10, 2011

Staging Curb Appeal to Sell your Mercer County NJ home

Peak home selling season is here in New Jersey, and it's time to think about how to present your property to buyers in the best way, so they will want to get out of their cars and come through your front door.  The National Assn of Realtors (NAR) reports that 49% of buying decisions are based on curb appeal.  In the new language of real estate marketing, this can also be termed "outdoor staging."

If you want to sell your New Jersey home this year, now is the time to increase the Curb Appeal of your property. Even if you've scrubbed and painted inside, if the buyers don't go through the front door, all your work will be for nothing.

Staging in the past 5 years or more has become a very important part of selling a home.  As competition from distressed properties increased, sellers of both short sales and those who just wanted to move, had to learn to prepare their homes to look like models.  The profession and science of "Staging a Home" became ingrained in the real estate marketing portfolio.

Some of the "appeal" of Outdoor Staging, of course, depends on what buyers want.  If they are active and not interested in yard work, lawns and shrubs and trees, no matter how well tended, will look like too much work.  But any buyer will appreciate fresh paint, clean windows, an attractive entry to the front door, colorful plantings - all of which show them pride of ownership.

While your neighbors may not take as much care with the exteriors of their properties as you, especially if theirs are not on the market, you still will be affected by the condition of their real estate.  You may have to ask the neighbors to clean up or trim or paint.  Remember, you are selling your neighborhood, not just your house.

Once buyers are indoors, a photo album open for them to see pictures of how the home looks with summer colors, trees or bushes fully leafed out, can help them see possibilities.

One other tip - never leave out evidence of the work you did to Stage that Curb Appeal.  Store the lawn mower, snow blower, rake, garbage bags, etc. out of sight.  Yes it takes work to keep up curb appeal, but you are selling an impression, not hiring a gardener.

I know all the Mercer County neighborhoods and can help you decide how best to Stage your Home to sell this year.  Just call or email me to discuss your needs.

Joe Giancarli, SA
Real Estate Advisor
Short Sale Specialist

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